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12 October 2007 @ 03:03 pm

OMG....It totally worked...so now i'm trying a new font. So.....how do i change the colors AND the size when i'm in this html thingie. This is soooo fun...i'm gonna make a list of groovy fonts that i can switch it up with.
Except....this isn't gonna be as fun if I can't change size & color.

It's 3:04...i'm debating blowing this popsicle stand or staying till 4 so i can get my 8 hours since i was gone for a while to the doc's. I love my new doctor...he's like the Pringles can man...except he's dark brown.

Ok...now let me see if this post looks different
The Incomparable Rontboneblue on October 12th, 2007 10:07 pm (UTC)
font tags
Because HTML tags are nested, that means that once you've established the first tag, it will be the last one to close.

For instance, <font face="Kristen ITC"> will carry through the entire post until you put in </font> which will close it.

However, you can through in size and color tags in between as well before closing it, and as long as you throw in a closing tag, you can switch it up and still use the same font.
For instance:

<font face="Kristen ITC">

<font size="2">

<font color=#6633ff>
</font> will close the last tag (color).
</font> again will close the next nested tag (size).
</font> a third time will close the first nested tag (font face).

This site lists all of the different hexadecimal codes for colors if you don't want to be limited by writing "blue" or "red".

Because they're nested like that, if you're only using a font face tag and a font color tag, you could potentially pick a font and then just turn colors on and off.

Does that make sense?