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24 January 2008 @ 10:06 am
Who wants to carry my backpack?  
     So....I think I've purchased the mother of all sketchbooks.  Weighing in at just under 8 pounds...this 10x12" tome is 700 blank pages of  whatever I feel like writing, drawing, pasting, sticking, doodling on them.  I'm so excited...it should be delivered to me sometime next week.  Kinda bummed though...cuz obviously I will not be carrying this around in my purse with me....not very portable.  
    Please let it rain this weekend!!!  Justin made all A's & 1 B on his report card....so besides the usually material requests....i promised him I would go with him & Stephen on a 7 mile hike at Torreya State Park.  I then cajoled my best friend into coming with us.  This day has all the ingredients to become the worst day of my life.....barring that canoe trip heard around the world back in '06 (did you know that Asian people can get sunburns like a redhead in the tropics w/o sunscreen????  me neither.).  Everyone knows that my favorite place to be is on my ass on the foof reading a book.  I don't want to be induced to move, much less HIKE in the woods.....ticks, mosquitos, midges, scorpions, SPIDERS, no bathrooms, public bathrooms, sweat, more sweat, not my sweat.....Why do I let people talk to me on the weekend?  Everyone knows my brain shuts down on 3p Friday & doesn't reopen for business until 5a Monday.  The fact that I brooked no hesitation to replying in the affirmative should have told everybody that I was talking on autopilot.  Oh well.  
     The power of positive thinking.  I will have fun.  I will not be a party pooper.  I will not start whining & beg someone to call rescue services to come haul me back to base camp on a stretcher.  You're outside your goddamn mind if you believed any of that.  I'll be bitching before we pass the first tree & going strong till we make it back to the car.  Nothing like the great outdoors to bring out all the crazy in me!!!  Is there anything about nature that I'm don't harbor fear & loathing toward(s)?.....sun, bugs, parasites, arachnids, dog shit, pollen, trees, grass.  Drain-O martini anyone?  Just kill me now.
     Half an hour till lunch.  Fabulous.  Why isn't it Friday yet?  Not that I'm particularly looking forward to this weekend, but I always look forward to not coming into work.  
OK....going to lunch....may this serve as my living will, if I don't make it back alive from this little woodland excursion....Krystal gets first dibs on all my shit.

ginevramarie on January 25th, 2008 01:48 pm (UTC)
when are we leaving? i have games at 9 and 10 on saturday.