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07 November 2007 @ 10:16 am
Can I catch a break today????  
Sorry the nth degree!!!!!!  Got here at 6a....filtered the rest of the chlorophyll from yesterday.....logged in all the micro dishes that were left.  And somewhere in between the two...people started whining as to why I hadn't started the BODs....it's not my job today, micro is.  Well, apparently Chelsea is going out sampling today so i was supposed to have started her job cuz i get here early....i get here early cuz i leave early.....do I look like Alfred, Batman???

So I'm just now sitting down to have a breather.  

I heard you call last nite I think, but I was about 45 mins into a Rozerem induced sleep...couldn't make my brain wake back up enuf to find my phone.  Having the craziest dreams lately...especially those ones where you wake up into a dream to wake up into a dream....etc.

I'm so rushed...gotta slow myself down....can you give yourself an embolism in your brain???
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