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29 October 2007 @ 03:24 pm
Public or private?  
That is the question.  I mean.....this is a livejournal.....not a liveforum.  Why do i want other people to see my thoughts.  I mean, isn't that technically what this is.  A place for people who don't like keeping written journals.....to keep a journal?  If you want to chitchat and KIT with friends, don't you do that shit on Friendster or MySpace or etc?  

What if I want to talk shit about someone?  Or talk about my supersecret cocaine addiction (this one is purely hypothetical...cuz anyone who knows me knows that heroin would be my drug of choice...i am way to highstrung for coke)?

Or better yet?  What if my parents found out my screen name so they could look at my posts & comment on them....weird.  And let me say how weird I feel when I find out I've made  a comment on someone's parent's comment to their post (this one might not be so hypothetical).  I mean, I don't care what my folks see.....cuz A, they have no idea about the in & outs of the information superhighway & 2, they don't care.  I'm an adult...they are no longer accountable for the things that i do & they are way past the point of being embarassed by me or have become inured....either/or...meh...who cares?

OOOH....much better....was wondering what was goin' on with the gramma text size.  Yeah, I'm done.....that's about all I want to say to the world.  The rest I'll just feel much more comfortable posting privately to those who know & love me most. Later Earthlings...........B
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